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Epic Angel - Justice and Order. :iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 6 0 Mermaids of Konohagakure :iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 7 3
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 11
Since DA just removed Chapter 11 of my fic due to the mature content on it, you guys can continue reading it on my page:
You can find other stories and lemons there as well :)
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 1 0
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 10
All of the Akatsuki had finished their dinner and only a few stayed to help Tora clean the kitchen which was a mess. Tora would wash the dishes, Konan would dry the dishes and put them away and Deidara would clean the counters and the dining table since he and Hidan left a mess on it.
While Tora was washing the dishes, she was thinking about all of the things that had happened in just a few days:
1. She joined the Akatsuki
2. The Akatsuki Leader, which is the hottest guy she has ever seen, kissed her... Many times.
Tora was done washing the dishes and helped Konan drying and putting away the washed dishes. They were done in 2 minutes and Deidara had been done for a while. "Why won't we go get my cloak and ring, Konan-san?" Tora asked.
"Sure, just follow me. Are you coming, Deidara-kun?"
"No thanks, I've got a mission tomorrow, un." Said the blonde bomber walking out of the kitchen.
"When will you be back?" Tora asked, sad that she wouldn't have anyone to talk to.
"A couple of weeks, I
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Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 9
Before she left, Tora asked, "Pein-sama, what makes you interested in me?"
Pein looked at her and simply said, "You're different."
"..." Tora didn't say anything. She didn't know how to reply, so she decided to leave it as it was and leave.
(The next day)
Tora didn't have anything to do so she went to pay Deidara a little visit. She walked down the long hallways of the Akatsuki base until she reached the door of the blonde Akatsuki member. Tora raised her hand to knock but stopped when she heard Deidara yell, "Art is a BANG, un!" Tora sweat-dropped thinking he was talking to himself until she heard a second voice say calmly, "Art is everlasting, it should last forever so everyone, from any generation, can admire it."
Tora knew that voice, it was Sasori. A few seconds later, she heard Deidara start an argument with him so she decided to leave the two artists to their arguing about art. She walked down the hallway some more until Deidara finished arguing with Sasori. She pa
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 0
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 8
(I tried writing a fighting scene but they all came out pretty lame so I'll just to a time-skip)
After hours of fighting with the Akatsuki Leader, Tora was really tired and low on chakra. Pein, on the other hand, stood like he had just begun fighting. Both figures were standing about 5 yards away from each other, Tora was breathing heavily and she knew that if she continued it would endanger her life, but she didn't want to lose against Pein. She started to feel the side effects of her Kekkei Genkai kicking in. I've used my Kekkei Genkai too long, now I'm paying the price. Tora could feel her arms and legs tense up a bit she rubbed her arms to try and ease the pain.
"You are done. Give up." Pein said.
"I never give up, and nothing will make me give up. This fight is over until either of us is on the floor unconscious." Tora said, with confidence overflowing in her green eyes.
Pein smirked and charged at her with a kunai in hand. Tora reached into her pouch and pulled out
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 1 0
Mature content
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 7 :iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 0
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 6
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters, just my OC and the plot.
Deidara and Tora walked to Pein's office in a comfortable silence. They would make small talk here and there but not a full-on conversation.
"So Tora, tell me more about you, un." Deidara said looking at her.
"There isn't much to tell actually. I've lived on my own since I was 8 and I've traveled everywhere." She said, not wanting to tell him much.
"Ok…" He said. "Well here we are, un"
"Thank you" She said.
"No problem, un" He said smiling down at her.
Tora entered Pein's office, without bothering knocking, and saw that is was the same, only with a higher stack of paperwork. I wonder how he gets that much paperwork in one day. She thought.
"Who gave you permission to enter?" He said coldly and glaring at her.
"Nobody, I don't need to give you my respect just because you are the 'Leader' in this organization. Last time I checked, you were still a human." She said, glaring at him.
Pein shot up
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Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 5
"This isn't that bad," Tora said eating a little bit of ramen.
"Well, it's the only thing that we can buy so we make sure to get the good kind, un." Deidara said, slurping down some noodles.
After a couple of minutes, Deidara and Tora were done with their dinner and said their goodnights. As Tora was walking to her room she was thinking about the problem she had on her hands. She thought about the night that changed her life forever and the people that she was living with.
She finally arrived to her room and didn't mind knocking because she figured that since it was her room too she didn't need to knock. When she opened the door, her eyes caught a sight that was absolutely disturbing, but at the same time amazing. She looked straight at a shirtless Pein. She stared at his chest, seeing that it was very toned and there were even piercings on his chest. Pein noticed her presence but decided to ignore her.
"Didn't anyone teach you to knock?" Pein asked her, obviously stressed out.
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 1 1
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 4
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters, just Susamajii Tora.
Pein walked out of his office once he was done with the paperwork for the day. He walked calmly to his room, which he now shared with his new subordinate. He got to his room and opened the door. He walked in and spotted the bluenette sleeping in the middle of the bed.
He smirked and walked over to where she was sleeping. He stared at her face for a few moments, admiring her features. She seems so innocent in her sleep. Tora slept deeply, not taking notice of Pein's presence. Pein saw how she was sleeping, half of her body was on the bed, and her hair was spread all over the bed but her legs were hanging off the end of the bed.
Pein smirked once more and slid his hand under her back and pulled her up until she was fully on the bed. Tora's hand moved under the pillow and dragged it so her head could sit in the middle of it. Pein turned and walked toward the only dresser in the room. He pulled out a pair
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 0
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 3
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters. Only my OC, Susamajii Tora
If anyone didn't know, Susamajii Tora means White Tiger.

As the pair ran through the long, dark hallways; with only the simple candle lights on the wall leading the way, Tora was starting to feel a little nervous. They reached a huge, wooden door. Deidara knocked a couple of times before hearing a faint voice say, "Come in."
He opened the door and let Tora in first. The Leader's office was very, very dark. The only light coming in was the last sun rays of the day. There was a big desk in the middle of the room, filled with papers. He must have a lot of patience to do that. I know I couldn't do it. As they walked in, they stood in front of his desk and his eyes showed that he was frustrated, stressed and tired. He must have been in here all day…
"Deidara, leave." He ordered with a cold voice.
The room was dark so it made it difficult to see the man in front of her.
"Hai, Leader-sama"
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 0
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC Chapter 2
Disclaimer: (I forgot to do this on my previous chapter, so this counts for this one and the first!) I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR its CHARACTERS! ONLY MY OC AND THE PLOT!
The view up here is amazing! Tora gave a small smile while she was on Deidara's clay bird. She could see the sun set behind the mountains and giving the land its last ray of sunlight until the moon comes out. She could feel Deidara and Sasori's eyes look at her with serious faces, but then Deidara smiled a bit when he saw her ghost-like smile. The wind blew through that her hair and calmed her down, it made her forget everything. Tora closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Deidara moved from his position, which was on the head of the bird, and sat next to Tora. Tora opened her eyes and looked at him, he asked, "So...Where are you from, hmm?"
"I'm from Amegakure." Tora responded. Her voice held no emotion, it seemed like she didn't care where she was or who she was with. "And you?" I asked with the same tone.
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 3
Fall in Love or Live in Lies? PeinxOC
This is the story Fall in Love or Live in Lies?, which is a PeinxOC fic. I hope you enjoy it!
Rated M: for future lemons, and language.

(Authors Notes)
Review, please!
A dark void surrounded her small body. All she could remember was the darkness that made her feel empty and alone. Where I am? What is this place? Am I dead? What happened? She felt a cool breeze on her face; she turned to look at a small at a small opening. The opening was barely visible to her eyes but she could see the faintest shine of light. She took a step closer to this mysterious light. She extended her arm and felt warmth surround her hand. The warmth made her feel amazing and safe from any danger. She stepped closer to get more of this wonderful heat until her whole body was covered in light. She heard a soft voice talk to her, it was a woman, and she sounded so familiar. She kept repeating the same thing I love you. I love you. I love you so much. I will always l
:iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 0
Request: LeexOC :iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 3 3 Fire and Ice :iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 9 0
Mature content
Cleaning the House :iconnaruto-fan201:Naruto-Fan201 0 0


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Epic Angel - Justice and Order.
I have not uploaded in ages. I needed to at this point. ABSOLUTELY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME OMFG. It is completely amazing, I love the angle the face is portrayed and the style of the art.



Costa Rica
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